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Travel Advisor Tips for Getting Leads

getting sales leads

Getting leads is probably one of the hardest things to do in this business. I want to caveat this by saying that generally, this is going to be a long game thing and persistence and consistency are so key. Here are some things to try that can help:

  • Get out there in the public and get face to face with people. This allows people to get to know you, to connect with you, to trust you. You aren't some faceless post somewhere.

  • Do events, even consider creating your own. While craft fairs and the like are NOT my favorite to do, I started out by doing those and it was such great practice. It showed me what I needed to get set up, gave me practice and confidence in talking to people about my business, and ultimately taught me to pick appropriate events or to consider creating my own (I am in the process of planning my own RSVP event at a local business).

  • Have a website and make sure your SEO is excellent!

  • I can't say this enough. Make love to Google. Really. The majority of my leads have come from referrals, but since I beefed up my SEO on my website and put all my marketing dollars towards google ads instead of other social media, I am now getting more and more leads from Google. And be SURE to ask for 5 star reviews!!

  • Create flyers with a good summary of who you are, what you do, and throw a QR code and other contact info on it. Hand these out to places like schools (I asked the principal of our school to give them to the teachers), local businesses, police departments, etc.

  • Sponsor local things like baseball teams.

  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce and utilize networking options they may have.

  • Hand business cards out, and when you do, give them a couple of extras to give to friends. Ask local businesses if you can set a stack of business cards out.

  • If you are giving gifts, like Halloween trick or treat bags or Christmas treat bags, put a card in them. Don't be shy, be shameless.

  • Put a decal of your business and social media handle on your rear windshield. Even consider decals for the doors (I don't recommend magnets because they look kind of cheesy, and in fact, I am replacing mine with actual decals).

  • Consider offering a referral program. I give my clients a $50 gift card when they refer someone that books a full vacation and once they travel.

  • Give client gifts that are branded like luggage tags.

  • Do social media. Not just pics. Get videos going where people can see and hear you. It's important to remember not to just do all sales. There are 3 types of social media you should be posting: Growth, Nurture, Sales, with sales being the smallest. (I recommend following jennaspaige on Instagram because when I have tried some of the things she suggests, I usually get increased engagement).

  • Know your platforms. For instance, I use my Facebook business page as my digital business calling card if you will, my groups to nurture the relationships with clients, YouTube to showcase destinations and experiences, TikTok for talking heads, comedy, showcasing destinations and experiences, and Instagram for a professional but also a combination where personal meets professional (being authentic) with a glimpse into personal travel experiences, showcasing destinations and experiences.

  • And last but certainly not least, it's mindset! I know this may sound woo-woo, but I swear by affirmations, saying them out loud, goal setting, and self-love. I can't tell you how many times I have said affirmations out loud and what I asked for happens. My husband says it's a coincidence, but I know it's not because it's way too specific when it happens.

I hope some of these tips help you gain the leads you desire!

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