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Got questions? Check out our FAQs.

  • Why do we charge a $199 fee to join Dreamverse Travel?
    The $199 fee covers the costs associated with setting up an agent with our agency, including the onboarding process and a background check. Additionally, this fee reflects a commitment on your part, as it represents an investment in your future with Dreamverse Travel. It ensures that we maintain high standards of professionalism and quality in our services.
  • Why does Dreamverse Travel charge monthly fees?
    Our monthly fees are structured to cover the minimum cost of doing business. Instead of agents individually paying for each required software, which can be quite expensive, we negotiate group rates for essential tools and pass these savings onto our agents through monthly fees. This approach ensures our team has access to all necessary resources at a more manageable cost, supporting their success without overwhelming individual expenses.
  • What are common challenges faced by travel agents?
    Challenges include dealing with unpredictable travel situations, maintaining profitability, staying competitive, and managing client expectations.
  • How can I overcome these challenges?
    Stay adaptable, keep informed about travel policies and changes, focus on niche markets, and use technology effectively to streamline processes.
  • What are the opportunities for advancement in this career at Dreamverse Travel?
    As our agency grows, we will be creating new positions to meet our expanding needs. Advancement opportunities will be based on individual travel agents' unique experience and qualifications, evaluated for each new position as it becomes available. This approach allows our agents to grow professionally within the company, aligning their career progression with the agency's growth.
  • Can I specialize in certain types of travel?
    Yes, specializing in areas like cruises, luxury travel, or specific destinations can set you apart as an expert and may contribute to your career advancement within Dreamverse Travel. We encourage our agents to explore their interests and expertise to provide specialized services to clients.
  • What are the perks of being a travel agent with Dreamverse Travel?
    Unlimited Earning Potential: Unlike hourly or salaried positions, there's no cap on income. Your earnings are a reflection of your dedication and effort. Travel Discounts: Enjoy access to travel discounts, making personal and family vacations more affordable and exciting. Flexible Schedule: You have the freedom to set your own schedule, allowing for a work-life balance that suits your lifestyle. Work-from-Home Convenience: Say goodbye to the traditional 9 to 5 grind and brick-and-mortar offices. Enjoy the comfort and flexibility of working from your own home. Personalized Work Environment: Create an office space that inspires productivity and comfort, tailored to your personal preferences. Easy and Accessible Support: We provide comprehensive support to our agents, ensuring you have the assistance you need throughout your journey. Training Through Wanderlust Campus: Our partnership with Wanderlust Campus offers foundational training, equipping you with the knowledge and skills required to excel as a travel agent. Open to Agent Input: We value your feedback and ideas. Unlike rigid agencies, we encourage our agents to explore other areas of expertise, add new suppliers, and contribute their insights to improve our operations. Regular Live Support: Benefit from regular live calls that offer opportunities for interaction and learning. Insider Knowledge of the Travel Industry: Gain access to valuable insights and information about the travel industry, enhancing your ability to serve clients effectively.
  • Is the position of a travel agent at Dreamverse Travel commission-based?
    Yes, working as a travel agent with Dreamverse Travel is entirely commission-based. There is no hourly pay or salary. Your earnings depend directly on your performance and the effort you invest in your role. This structure offers a rewarding opportunity for agents who are dedicated and proactive, as it aligns success with personal effort, enabling significant earnings for those who excel in their approach to the job. It also means that you are not limited in your income potential, unlike positions with set rates such as hourly or salary jobs, and minimal pay raises.
  • Do travel agents at Dreamverse Travel charge planning fees to clients?
    Yes, at Dreamverse Travel, we encourage our travel agents to charge planning fees to clients. These planning fees are not subject to the commission split, which means you keep 100% of the fees you charge, minus the cost of transfers, such as with Stripe when payments are collected and transferred to your account. We fully support charging planning fees because it helps deter potential "tire kickers" and significantly increases the income of our agents.
  • What is the difference between planning fees and commissions?
    Commissions are the earnings that suppliers pay us for the actual process of booking travel, whereas planning fees are charges for our time spent planning and designing vacations and the exceptional support we provide to our clients. Planning fees reflect the value of the personalized service and expertise that our agents offer to ensure memorable travel experiences for our clients.
  • Do I need specific qualifications to become a travel agent with Dreamverse Travel?
    Formal education isn't mandatory, but completing foundational training through Wanderlust Campus is required. Skills like customer service, knowledge of travel software, and a passion for travel are essential to succeed in this role.
  • What training is required to become a travel agent with Dreamverse Travel?
    Prospective agents must complete foundational training through Wanderlust Campus. This training equips agents with essential skills and knowledge for the travel industry.
  • What does the foundational training with Wanderlust Campus cover?
    The training includes various topics: Mindset: Developing the right professional attitude for success. Working with Your Host & Brand Standards: Understanding how to collaborate effectively with host agencies and uphold brand integrity. Travel Agency Basics: Learning general terminology, types of suppliers, and foundational knowledge for travel agency operations. Growth Strategies: Developing strategies for expanding business and client base. Sales Techniques: Acquiring specialized sales skills for the travel industry. Travel Requirements: Gaining knowledge of travel regulations, documentation, and procedures. The Art of Client Service: Mastering client relationship building and service delivery. Booking Procedures: Training for efficient booking of travel services. Expert Positioning: Establishing oneself as a knowledgeable travel expert.
  • How is Dreamverse Travel affiliated with Wanderlust Campus?
    Dreamverse Travel is certified through Wanderlust Campus, reflecting our commitment to excellence in the travel industry. Our agents undergo training by completing the Travel Agent Training Kit to meet these high standards. This affiliation ensures that our agents are well-prepared to provide exceptional service to our clients.
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of a travel agent at Dreamverse Travel?
    Agents specialize in planning travel for family vacations, couples' travel, special occasions, and accessible travel, managing transportation, accommodations, and activities tailored to clients' preferences.
  • How do I gain leads as a travel agent at Dreamverse Travel?
    At Dreamverse Travel, it is your responsibility to find and generate your own leads. This may involve developing a strong online presence, networking with local businesses, engaging in social media marketing, and offering exceptional service to gain referrals. On occasion, when leads come into the agency, they may be referred to one of our agents based on their chosen specialty. Our agency supports agents in finding and converting leads into satisfied clients.
  • What are the benefits of working as a travel agent with Dreamverse Travel?
    Flexible Working Hours: Enjoy the freedom to set your own schedule, allowing for a work-life balance that suits your lifestyle. Opportunities for Travel: Explore the world and enjoy travel experiences, gaining valuable insights to better serve your clients. Industry Knowledge: Gain insider knowledge of the travel industry, enhancing your ability to plan and book unforgettable trips for your clients. The Satisfaction of Creating Memorable Travel Experiences: Experience the fulfillment of crafting unique and unforgettable travel experiences for your clients, turning dreams into reality. Work-from-Home Convenience: Choose to work from the comfort of your own home or even while traveling, providing flexibility in your work environment.
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